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Setting up an IIoT Gateway - Generation 2

This guide helps you setting up a gateway to use with the Connectitude IIoT Platform™.

Please read the reference guide for more in-depth details.

Connect to Internet - Using an ethernet connection

  1. Connect an ethernet cable with Internet access to the cloud network on ethernet port 1.


  2. Connect the necessary antennas depending on the configuration ordered (optional).

    Connector Function
    ANT1 WiFi/BT AUX antenna
    ANT2 WiFi/BT MAIN antenna
    ANT3 Modem GNSS antenna
    ANT4 Modem MAIN antenna
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  3. Power the IIoT Gateway using the supplied DC terminal block adapter connected to a 24-36V PSU, or by using an appropriate PSU output supplying 12VDC 3A.

Connect to Internet - Using a mobile broadband connection


  • Before you power on the IIoT Gateway, insert a nano-SIM card into the SIM-card slot.

  • Ensure that the service provider has already activated the micro-SIM card before you use it in the IIoT Gateway.

  • Ensure that the pin code is removed from nano-SIM card before you use it in the IIoT Gateway.

  1. Unscrew the four bottom screws in order to open the chassis

  2. Remove the screw that holds the modem PCIe module in place.

  3. Gently pull out the modem PCIe module from the modem PCIe socket.

  4. Insert a micro-SIM card, without any PIN-code, into the micro-SIM card slot located underneath the PCIe slot for the modem.


  5. Reassemble the modem PCIe card into the PCIe model slot and fasten it again with the screw.

  6. Reassemble the chassis with the four screws.

  7. Power on the IIoT Gateway.

  8. The gateway will automatically try to identify the correct APN settings, if publicly available, and create a connection.

Connect the machine network

  1. Connect an ethernet cable with access to the LAN used for PLCs, for example, to the machine network on ethernet port 2.