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Alarm & Events

Alarms are used to make the users aware of events that require some action. An alarm is triggered when a certain condition is met. An alarm condition is designed as a logical evaluation of a tag value

Note! All changes to tags must be sent to the gateway to take affect.


Parameter Description
Name Name of Alarm. Used to identify alarm in widgets
Text Text of alarm item displayed in widget
Description Text of alarm item displayed in alarm detail widget
Condition Trigger condition. Possible values GreaterThan, LessThan, EqualTo, NotEqualTo, Unchanged
Value Trigger value
Delay if Condition is Unchanged the delay is the amount of time since the tag was last changed before an alarm event is triggered. For the other condisions it is the amount of time the condition has to be true befor the alarm event is triggered.
Image Image shown in Alarm detail widget
Icon Icon shown in alarm list widget.
Severity Severity of alarm. Possible values: Alarm, Debug, Event, Information, Warning
Acknowlege enabled The Alarm events needs to be ackknowlege before it is moved to history list.
Delegegate enabled If a alarm should be able to delegate
Loss tree node Loss tree node to start investigate alarm.
Enabled condition A tag that enable/disable the alarm event inthe gateway.


Menu item Description
Add Alarm Add a new alarm item.
Delete selected alarm Delete all selercted alarm items.
Import Import alarm items from excel.
Export Export alarm items to excel.