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When configuring shedular you select a context. Depending on which machine or group that is selected in the configurations view. If configured on a group all devices below that group can use the schedular.


Example Create a report every Friday

  1. Select machine or group in the node tree.
  2. Select the Schedules tab.
  3. Press the pen.
  4. Press the Create schedule command in the toolbox to the right.
  5. img
  6. Give the schedule a name.
  7. Click on the date you want the Schedule to start
  8. Give it a name start date and select weekly in the dropdown. If a chart is in the report specify the end date for the period that should be in the chart.
  9. img
  10. Select the print report tab
  11. img
  12. Press the plus button and select report to print weekly
  13. Press Add and the press the edit pen again.
  14. Send configuration to gateway
  15. A report is now generated every week and uploaded to the cloud from the gateway.