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Network settings

Learn how to configure network settings for the machine network, port 2, from the cloud portal.

  • Port 1 is used for Internet connection to the cloud.
  • Port 2 is used for LAN connection to the machine network.

Configuration using the cloud portal

  1. Login to the Connectitude IIoT Portal.

  2. Go to the configurations view in the portal.

  3. Find the correct gateway to configure network settings for. It has the same name as the serial number / service tag of the gateway (visible on a label on the side or bottom of gateway).

  4. Go to network settings for the selected gateway in order to configure the IP address and subnet for the machine network, on port 2 of the gateway.


  5. Select "Ethernet port 2", which is used for the machine network, in the network adapter dropdown.

  6. Enter the IP address and subnet and press "Apply".

  7. Make sure the network settings are applied correctly.