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Tags connected to an address in the controller will be read and changes will be reflected in the tags value. If no address is set on the tag it is considered a internal. Internal tags will get it value from the initial value property or from an expression. Note! All changes to tags must be sent to the gateway to take affect.


Parameter Description
Name Name of tag. Used to identify tags in widgets
Short name Short name that will be displayed in some widgets. Eg Values widget
Address Address or identifier in PLC/device.
Data type Data type of tag in PLC/device
Poll interval How often the tag is read in plc/device
Logged If tag is stored in database and historic data can be shown in eg Trend widget
Enabled if the tag is read in controller
Enabled condition A condition that is evaluated in controller if tag should be read.
Read only If the user should b enable to write value to the tag
Authenticate If the user needs to login again to be able to write the tag value
Unit Unit of value. Will be percent in some widgets.
Number of decimals Number of decimal of shown in widgets.
Description Optional description of tag


Scaling affects only tags connected to a controller. The offset gain value affects the values with the following formula:

Value = Offset + (Gain * controller value);

With Min, Max, Scaled min Scaled max the formula is:

CalculatedGain = Abs(ScaledMax - ScaledMin) / Abs(Max - Min);
ScaledValue = ControllerValue * CalculatedGain * Gain;
Value = ScaledValue + ScaledMin + Offset;

Parameter Description
Min Minimal value in the device address
Max Maximal value in the device address
Scaled min Wanted minimum value after scale
Scaled max Maximum value after scale
Gain Gain multiplied with the controller value
Offset Offset added to the controller value


Parameter Description
Deadband Type of deadband. None, Absolute or percent.
Deadband value The amount of change to trigger a new value change event. In absolute value of percent of previous value.
External id Id from an external system
Aggregate length The time frame that is used for aggregated data. This can be used for virualizing data in the trend widget and also for calculations in process views.
Initial value The initial value of the tag will be written to controller if an address is set on the tag.
Expressionable If the tag can be used in an expression
Expression Click to bring up expression editor


Menu item Description
Add tag Add a new tag to the tag list
Browse tags Browse tags from external system. Eg OPC UA Server or Ewon Flexy
Copy selected tags Copy selected tags with all parameters.
Delete selected tags Delete all selected tags
Import tags Import tags from excel
Export tags Export tags to excel
Remove controller Delete controller an all it tags.


Update settings for the controller. The settings are dependent of what driver that are selected. Updates on this page must be sent to gateway. Ping uses the IpAddress in the settings page and the configuration must be sent to the gateway for this to work. img