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Solutions to common potential problems will be added here over time.

IIoT Gateway connection

If the IIoT gateway does not show up as connected in the the Connectitude IIoT Portal, it is most likely caused by local network problems like a firewall blocking the required ports for outgoing communication. Please perform the following steps to verify the edge to cloud connectivity of the IIoT gateway.

  1. Connect a computer, either indirectly through a switch or directly with an ethernet cable to the second ethernet port (machine network) on gateway.

  2. Configure the IPv4 network adapter settings on the computer to match the same subnet as the machine network. For example if machine network on gateway is configured to (default), configure computer to with a subnet mask of

  3. Open chrome and browse the address, or whatever the gateway has been configured with if changed from default.

  4. At the bottom of this setup view is a section for checking the connectivity over the different ports.