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Setting up an IIoT Gateway - Generation 3

This guide helps you setting up a gateway to use with the Connectitude IIoT Platform™.

Please read the reference guide for more in-depth details.

Incorrect port names on chassis

The ethernet port naming on the chassis is reversed, port 1 (cloud network) is actually marked with ETH2 and port 2 (machine network) is marked with ETH1.

Connect to Internet - Using an ethernet connection

  1. Connect an ethernet cable with Internet access to the cloud network on ethernet port 1 (ETH2), which also supports PoE.


  2. Connect the necessary antennas depending on the configuration ordered (optional).

    Connector Function
    WiFi-A / BT Wifi / Bluetooth antenna
    WiFi-B Secondary Wifi antenna
    WWAN Main LTE antenna
    AUX Auxiliary GNSS antenna
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  3. Power the IIoT Gateway using the supplied DC terminal block adapter connected to a 24-36V PSU, or by using an appropriate PSU output supplying 12VDC 3A. PoE is also possible on ethernet port 1 (ETH2).

Connect to Internet - Using a mobile broadband connection


  • Before you power on the IIoT Gateway, insert a nano-SIM card into the SIM-card slot.

  • Ensure that the service provider has already activated the micro-SIM card before you use it in the IIoT Gateway.

  • Ensure that the pin code is removed from nano-SIM card before you use it in the IIoT Gateway.

  1. Power off the IIoT Gateway.

  2. Remove the screw from the SIM/PROG tray-cover.

  3. Insert a SIM removal tool into the cover popping hole to pop the tray-cover.

  4. Place the nano SIM card, without any PIN-code, into the tray.

  5. Carefully push the tray-cover back in.

  6. Close the SIM/PROG cover screw.

  7. Power on the IIoT Gateway.

  8. The gateway will automatically try to identify the correct APN settings, if publicly available, and create a connection.


Connect the machine network

  1. Connect an ethernet cable with access to the LAN used for PLCs, for example, to the machine network on ethernet port 2 (ETH1).