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To authorize an API request you first need to create an API key. As a system administrator you can create one in the portal using the API keys view. This view is accessible from the left menu.


  1. Click New key and fill in the form.

  2. When created you will receive a key and a secret. Make sure you store these in a safe place, since the secret cannot be retrieved again.

    These fields need to be passed in the headers with each API request.

    "apikey": <key>, "apisecret": <secret>

  3. In order to use the API locally on the gateway, together with the new API key, the configuration must first be sent to the gateway.

  4. Fetching all digital twins using cURL can look like this.

    curl -H "apikey: <key>" -H "apisecret: <secret>" 'http://<GatewayIp>/api/v1/twins'