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Connectitude IIoT Portal

Release 2024-06-17


  • General improvements to reports, especially those spanning multiple pages.


  • General improvements to classification and split of stops.

Gateway (1.14)

  • Improved network configuration and support for configuration of ethernet, wi-fi and cellular connections over Bluetooth LE using the Connectitude App (0.29+).

Release 2024-05-20


  • Optimizations when presenting larger amounts of events/stops.
  • Support for printing aggregated reports from cloud portal.
  • Aggregated health status now shows the highest severity from machines below.
  • Possible to move multiple objects in process views.
  • Performance improvements to process view rendering.
  • Support for hiding dashboards on machines inherited from template.


  • Support for "splitting" active stop.
  • Stop analysis based on machine and article.
  • Automatic classification rules for machines based on a template.

Gateway (1.13)

  • Report generation improvements.
  • Preparations for network configuration (ethernet, wifi and cellular) over Bluetooth LE (through the upcoming release of the Connectitude App).
  • Auto APN improvements, e.g. list of APN providers can be updated independently, and auto APN service can now be turned on/off (through the upcoming release of the Connectitude App).
  • Prevent compilation of expressions for disabled machines.
  • Memory consumption optimized during compilation of expressions.
  • A single modbus connection can be shared between multiple controllers.

Release 2024-02-13


  • New improved global search that can be activated anywhere by shortcut (CTRL + K), or by clicking search (the magnifier) among the upper right buttons.


  • Support for auto classification of stops based on prioritized rules for alarms & events.

Release 2023-12-18


  • Improvments to quality / usability and performance of portal in general.
  • E-mail notifications for generated reports now includes the report as an attachment.
  • Automatic refresh of local portal for unattended users, e.g. operator panels and TV dashboards, upon sending config and updating gateway software.
  • Support for scheduling items on sunrise and sunset.
  • Fallback DNS added on gateway, e.g. when none is provided by the APN, from the SIM operator.


  • Support for long running orders in progress widget.
  • Support for early/late waste and good count.


  • Support for writing tags / generating reports on sunrise and sunset.
  • Fallback DNS added on gateway, e.g. when none is provided by the APN, from the SIM operator.
  • Purging LoRa app server frames every day to better support a higher frequency of LoRa messages.

Release 2023-11-10


  • Updated configuration tree.
  • Split view select context in top treeview and configure details below.
  • Support to pin favorites machines, gateways or groups



  • Aggregated dashboards
  • Aggregated Reports


  • Send configuration will not reinitialise alarm

Release 2023-02-28


  • Default view mode changed in configurations. The left button now shows the hierarchy with machines in their corresponding groups, whereas the right button shows the machines below the gateway they are connected to.
  • New widgets have been added to present KPIs and images.
  • New monitoring widget has been added in favor of the old one, which is now being phased out.
  • New default dashboard layout has been added for new machines, using the new widgets.

Dashboard configurations

  • Dashboard overview enables configuration of dashboard properties, like order, visibility, type and roles.
  • Dashboards are now presented flat in configurations view and as tabs in machines view.
  • Multiple roles can now be configured for a single dashboard.
  • Role selector added at the bottom right of dashboard in machines view, in order to view dashboards configured for other roles.
  • Dashboards can have different types
    • Standard - a standard dashboard on a single group or machine.
    • Inherited - is visible from the group it is added to and for all groups below (until visibility is changed).
    • Layout - A dashboard created on group level that acts as a template when creating new dashboards.


  • Stop analysis widget
  • Loss trees can now be shared between multiple machines, even if not based on same template, by adding them to a group higher up.
  • New properties added to loss tree node, that can be used in process views and reports.
    • Category
    • Source (upstream, downstream or this machine)
    • Exclude from calculations

Syncing event state from cloud to local portal

  • Creating events in cloud portal, or changing their state e.g. through acknowledgement or classification, is now performed through the gateway (when local portal is enabled) in order to keep state in sync between local and cloud portal (requires a gateway software update).

Machine settings

  • Possible to configure a custom smart object for machine card view on machine template or machine.
  • Possible to configure map icon for machine template, or for machine if not based on a machine template.

Release 2022-06-02

External Login Providers (OAuth2)

  • User accounts with a custom password for the Connectitude IIoT Platform™, can now be connected to an external login provider such as Microsoft or Google.
  • Improved security for your organization, since account and password management can be controlled centrally using identity management from Micorosoft or Google.
  • Support for two-factor authentication, if setup and required by your organization using Microsoft or Google.
  • With single sign-on you are probably already signed in to any other Microsoft or Google service on your computer and will therefore automatically be signed in to the Connectitude IIoT Platform™.
  • A local password can still be configured for being able to login to the local portal on edge or for write tag authentication.


  • Improved theming support for your tenant, where now possible to customize a light and dark theme.
    Note: Dark theme is only applied after being logged in (for the moment).
  • Possible to configure if light, dark or both themes should be available for the users in your tenant.
  • Foreground color for header and sidebar can be configured for a more lightweight theming.
  • Background color for header and sidebar, together with the foreground colors, can be configured for framing in the portal.

Mobile View

  • Browsing the portal from a mobile device now gives the user a much better experience.

User Management

  • Users and API-keys are now found within a common user management view.
  • The user management view has become hierarchical, to match the configuration view, making it a lot easier to find and manage users.


  • Now possible to configure favorites among the loss tree nodes (stop codes) for an easier and faster classification flow.
  • Also possible to configure that a classification prompt is to automatically present itself when a stop is detected.
  • Analytics table improved for better stop code analysis.

Service log

  • The service tab on machine has been removed and service events can now be configured directly in the Alarms / Events tab instead. A new column 'Type' has been added to Alarms / Events, where 'Service' should be selected for service log events. This makes it possible to configure service events that are automatically triggered based on some condition.
  • Service log events can still be configured directly from the Service log widget settings, but more advanced configuration must be done from the Alarms / Events tab.

Operator settings

  • Unattended setting, for kiosk mode, introduced on user. This setting should be enabled for a user dedicated for an operator panel or dashboard TV.
  • An unattended user is never logged out from the local portal on edge.
  • The time selector also behaves differently for an unattended user, since it moves with the current time unit selected. E.g. selecting 'Today' in the time selector makes the time automatically move to a new day, or hour if 'This hour' was selected.
  • Operator mode can now be configured directly from the main menu, hiding the header, sidebar and navigation. Exiting this mode can be done by right-clicking anywhere or long-pressing on a touch screen.

Release 2022-04-01


  • New tab on gateway configuration where it's possible to configure LoRaWAN gateways that are connected to the Connectitude IIoT Gateway.
  • Support for configuring frequency, class and expected update interval per LoRa-controller.
  • Possible to run LoRa app server in the cloud (only LoRaWAN gateway without Connetitude IIoT Gateway onsite).


  • Notifications can now be configured on groups, machines and gateways.
  • Notifications can now be configured for user roles or a specific user. Notifications


  • Indication when live data is turned off. After 15 minutes a dialog is shown that live data is paused. img
  • Service log widget. Service log
  • Analysis table widget beta.
  • Filter widget beta.
  • Browse tags in dashboard configuration (data tab) as a step towards full drag and drop support.

Ewon Flexy Support Improvements

  • Easier to setup and maintain Ewon Flexy.
  • Support for all data types.
  • Gateways are managed and not visible to Ewon Flexy customers to simplify the experience.

Stop Classification

  • Improved classification support.
  • More metadata added to losstree node configuration.
  • Split of stop alarm.


  • Have moved in to configuration.
  • PDF reports on aggregated dashboards.
  • Browse tags on a template. Requires at least one machine based on template.


  • All dates are handled after the selected region.
  • Hierarchical selection of groups in dropdown when moving a group and changing roles.
  • Filtering based on role in user configuration.
  • Dark theme updated.