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Process Views

Using process views you can customize the visualization of your data using many different controls. You can also transform the data in many different ways using calculations.

Creating a process view

Drag a process view widget onto your dashboard:


Then click the title of the widget or click the text to configure it:


Create a new view under the edit menu:


That's it, now you have created a process view. You can start visualizing data now by drag-dropping controls from the widget menu.

Visualize the latest value of a tag

Create a text control by drag and dropping one into the process view.

Select the text control and under properties click the icon next to the Text field:


This is used to bind values to a property. So in this case we're binding a value to the text property of the text control.

You will see the following dialog:


Select a tag from the tag list and close the edit menu. The process view should now display the latest value for that tag.

More advanced calculations can be performed using the data binding dialog. See the calculations section for more information.